Staycations can be a great time to spend quality time with family and friends. There’s nothing better than sharing a meal with them. We Canadians love our barbecues. Having a barbecue at home is always awesome but since it’s summer, let’s take it to the next level. Take the cookout to the city!

With the added flexibility of being on staycation time, you don’t have to wait until the weekend to have your cookout. Treat your family and friends to a mid-week feast in a beautiful setting, without having to leave the city.

Take this opportunity to explore your city and scout out the perfect spot for your barbecue. You’d be surprised with a little research, you can find some great hidden gems in your city. . We found this fantastic spot for our urban cookout at Charleson Park, with its beautiful  views of the city and False Creek. Flo and I joked about how ridiculous it was that this awesome park is just 10 minutes from home and yet we haven’t spent any time there.

We wanted our friends to be able to enjoy the barbecue without having to bring anything. That meant planning and food preparation before the event. Planning your menu in advance is key. Having the right gear is equally important to making sure the barbecue is a success.

Create a cool and shaded space in any setting with a Coleman 10 x 10 Shelter, great for keeping your food and guests out of the sun. Getting your food and drinks to the barbeque is easy with a Coleman Wheeled Xtreme Cooler. Increase your cooking capacity with a Coleman Matchlit Stove. Kick back with your friends and enjoy the view from Coleman Extra-Large Quad Chairs.



Don’t let work and hectic schedules get in the way of spending time with your family and friends. With a little work and creativity, your staycation can include a meaningful time of connection with important people in your lives.



I’ve shared more staycation tips and ideas as a “Get Outside Master” at Click the link to read more details on how we prepared and geared up for our epic cookout in the city! #GetOutside

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