It’s now been a year since my wife and I decided to take a different path and pursue the passions that has been placed in us, to become better visual storytellers. We haven’t pursued jobs. Instead, we’ve been equipping ourselves and waiting for the opportunities to present themselves.

This year has blown our minds in how we view our careers, our family, our faith and our purpose in life. We’ve met super cool people that we would have never met had we not engaged in a community on a mobile app. Go figure.

How do we ‘celebrate’ this year of discovery and inspiration? We take our family on a 6 week Insta Road Trip across 6 states, that’s how. We are going to see some of the most beautiful places on earth, connect with amazing people and eat incredible food. There will be much photographing and some videoing. Follow our trip story on this blog, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. See our itinerary here on Flo’s blog.

What’s a photo-centric road trip without gear, right? So, I’ve been without a ‘big camera’ since last year. It’s been fun maxing out the capabilities of the iPhone 5 but dare I say that it would be woefully inadequate in capturing the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. Enter, my new weapon, the just released Olympus PEN E-P5.


I just got it, so I’m still learning about all the neato features. I’ve also been using 1970’s era Canon FD lenses via adapter. Using manual lenses is a blast. However, with in-body image stabilization and focus peaking, it’s even more fun. I’ll be documenting my experience with this micro 4/3 wonder and all the gear we’re bringing with us, in subsequent posts.

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