Of all the plans and preparations I made regarding the documentation of our road trip, I completely underestimated how little time I would have to post photos and blog posts. Between time driving (I’ve chosen to be the only driver, so far), non-stop activity at our locations and spotty data on Roam Mobility (will cover this in a later post), I’m left with a ton of stories in my head and photos on my camera and iPhone yet to be shared with you.

So, bear with me while I catch up.

Onward from Silver Lake and Inyo National Forest, we moved on to Las Vegas for several days. It was a welcome stop to sleep in beds, charge batteries, enjoy fast data and wi-fi and take in the Vegas sights.

H20 show

Conquering Red Rock Canyon

My plans to provide thorough and frequent updates to my online community have fallen short of my expectations. However, it’s been an incredible trip filled with deep and meaningful offline connection, with old and new friends. In Las Vegas, we hung out with a long time Instagram friend and her family. We explored Red Rock Canyon, The Strip and even ‘assaulted’ a buffet together.

Flo and I knew that this trip wouldn’t just be about ourselves and our trip story. We’re loving the planned and random connections.

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