Crater Lake was jaw dropping gorgeous. We could have spent much more time there, taking in all the beauty. It was Saturday, so there were quite a few people at the viewpoints along the loop. However, there was plenty of room to roam and feel the immense scale of the lake. At first, we were cautious about letting the kids get close to the edge of the cliff but eventually brought them out to see how high up they were.
Crater Lake

We camped one night at Diamond Lake. When we pulled up to the campsite, we were excited to see the beautiful lakeside site that we had booked. Upon getting out of the truck, we were welcomed by a bunch of mosquitos. A quick application of repellent helped. While scurrying about to set up camp, we didn’t shoot as much as we would have liked and didn’t get to sit back and enjoy the sunset.
Crater Lake

We’re now on day 4 of our road trip, staying a couple of nights in Sacramento CA. I’ve learned (or re-learned, as Flo would put it) an important lesson. Rule 1 of a family road trip with young kids: Any expectations of epic multi-hour photo walks, waking before sunrise and leisurely watching the sunset… are to be set aside.

I’m thankful to be experiencing this adventure with my family. We may shoot less photos and video but I’m certain the right memories will be captured along the way.

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