I’ve been talking about doing this for a long time. So, here it is. I’m sharing what I know and use in my daily mobile photography misadventures. All my related posts will be found in the category of ‘mobile photography’. I definitely don’t know it all but will certainly share what I’ve learned and continue to learn along the way. That said, let’s get started.

When it comes to hardware used for mobile photography, the list for me is pretty short. My shooter, the iPhone 5. When I had the iPhone 4S, I didn’t use a case as I really enjoyed  the slim form factor but quickly realized that holding onto the phone securely while shooting can be a challenge. The iPhone 5, being even slimmer than the 4S, was like holding onto a stick of butter. I broke down and started the search for the ‘perfect case’. Those that know my OCD tendencies will understand how difficult a task this was.


After an exhaustive search, complete with multiple purchases and returns, I settled on the Belkin Grip Candy Case (Blacktop/Gravel). The case, while not perfect in my eyes, is pretty close. It’s relatively slim, made from Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It’s grippy but does not attract lint and won’t stretch like silicone. The phone no longer feels slippery and I’ve been able to shoot more confidently, while holding the phone in potentially ‘dangerous’ situations. Think ‘lowdownground’ shot less than an inch from the water.


While most shots happen handheld, there are times where a tripod stabilized shot is irreplaceable. When I started using Average Camera Pro (I’ll cover apps in another post), I used rocks, fence posts and my shoe to prop up my phone to take the shot. Taking off my shoe and placing the phone into it was brilliant, I thought, until the weather got cold and wet.

I decided to purchase the Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand.


Without going into a full-on review of the GripTight GorillaPod, I found it well made and  simple to use. Most importantly, I no longer had to use my shoe as a stand. The GorillaPod offered so much flexibility in taking long exposure shots, whether using Average Camera Pro or Slow Shutter Cam.

One surprising benefit of using the GripTight portion of the Joby kit was that it can be mounted via ¼-20″ screw to any full size tripod mount plate.


I’m now able to securely hold the phone in either landscape or portrait orientation and at a wide range of height.

Currently, this is the extent of my mobile photography gear. I’ve been looking at the Olloclip lens systemto shoot macro images but just came across what looks like a budget priced alternative: Red 180° Fish Eye Lens+Wide Angle Lens+Macro Lens.

I’m sure there are other hardware pieces that mobile photographers use that I’m not aware of. Please share if you know of any.

What mobile photography gear do you use?