I had a tough time embracing Facebook and Twitter as my go-to social channels for storytelling. Crafting compelling 140 character blurbs on Twitter continues to be a stretch. I still find Facebook a challenging place to engage my audience with meaningful content.

My previous role as creative director gave me access to great DSLR gear, a 5D MkII and an arsenal of L lenses. Yet, I lost the inspiration to just go out and shoot. Shooting became just a task, revolving around projects and events. When I left my role last year, all the SLR gear was returned. I only had my iPhone. I’m still experiencing some withdrawal. I hope to pick up a mirrorless camera in the future.

Then Instagram came into my life. Instagram reignited my love for photography and storytelling. I am now compelled to look at everything around me in a different light. Life became one big photo op, a never-ending opportunity to tell a story. Instagram also made social media finally make sense for me.

The storytelling potential with Instagram is huge. It’s a (hopefully) a compelling photo coupled with a (hopefully) compelling story. The audience engagement has been mind blowing. The reach of a story is now enormous, a potential Instagram audience of 100 million. You can also share your Instagram post with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and foursquare. You’ve just anted up on the exposure factor.

I do think that photos alone can tell a story but it isn’t the whole story. What do you think?