Just two hours from Vancouver, Jones Lake is one of my favourite spots to visit. With its unique landscape features and beautiful mountain backdrop, this place is simply beautiful.

The Jones Lake Reservoir is approximately 6.4 km long and 1 km wide and is contained by an earthfill dam at the north end of the reservoir. Water from this reservoir is diverted through a tunnel under Four Brothers Mountain to Wahleach Powerhouse and then discharged into the Fraser River.

From the highway, getting to the lake requires driving on a Forestry Service Road (FSR). Although I’ve seen regular passenger cars on the FSR, I’d imagine the ride wouldn’t be the most comfortable and a slow-go. I had previously come here in my Nissan Pathfinder and enjoyed the off-road driving experience. Having just purchased a new Jeep Wrangler, I knew I had to come back here. This time, a few friends and I decided to camp overnight.

We packed up the jeep with our overnight gear and headed to the lake. We just missed sunset but the scene was still incredible. With a fire lit, we snacked on chocolate bars and sipped on tea, simply marvellous.


When it was time to get some sleep, my friends set up their tent and I was going to sleep in my Jeep. I then realized that I had made a terrible rookie mistake. I left my sleeping bag at home. Fortunately, I had a (thin) blanket in the Jeep and I brought my down jacket. Regardless, it made for a cold night and a relatively sleepless one.

The morning brought relief and warmth. The sunrise was beautiful and did not disappoint. I’ll definitely do this again, but I’ll remember to bring my sleeping bag next time.


jones fire

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