A fellow Instagram user asked me why my Twitter posts from Instagram looked different. That is, my Instagram photo was viewable in the tweet itself. In December 2012, Instagram turned off Twitter Cards Integration, the ability to view Instagram photos directly in tweets.

The Instagram (IG) app can be configured to share to multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. However, there is little to no options for your post. That’s where IFTTT (If This Then That) comes in. IFTTT (a free service) is¬†basically¬†a web service that, after creating an account, allows you to connect to a multitude of web services (channels) like Dropbox and Facebook. From there, you create or use already created actions (recipes). When an event occurs (This), a resulting action takes place (That). I know, crazy and nebulous, right?!

IFTTT allows me to post my Instagram shot to Twitter with Twitter Card intact, photo viewable in the tweet. (Here comes the bonus offer pitch:) My IG tweets also contain the original Instagram URL for the full IG web profile experience.

My main social channel is Instagram but I maintain a presence on many other platforms. To maximize my reach across Social Media land, I use IFTTT. In a nutshell, here’s my current photo/Instagram/social workflow:

  1. shoot photo
  2. edit photo
  3. post to Instagram
  4. IFTTT automatically posts (with options) to: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and WordPress

These ‘recipes’ only apply to my Instagram activity. Check out IFTTT and the video below for more information.