I’ve spent the last 11 years storytelling across multiple channels. I’ve shot hundreds of hours of video footage, thousands of photos and designed many marketing pieces. Some of those stories went straight to DVD, some to print and others to websites.

The recurring theme here is that the reach of those stories was limited. A thousand printed brochures would potentially reach thousand people. An article or video on a website, with no promotion, would only be found if people knew about it or stumbled upon the site.

Social media was something I knew about but could not understand, yet. It was at a work conference in late 2011 that I got the wake-up call. Our main presenter, Michael Hyatt, bust open the doors of understanding the power and potential of social media.

The methods of communication continue to evolve at an increasingly fast rate. Not so long ago, the communication ‘channels’ of the day were print, radio, TV and now, the Internet. Social media now dominates our online activity. According to the annual Social Media Report by Nielson:

Social networks – 20% of PC time and 30% of mobile time spent on them: over any other category of site

We all have a story. How are you telling yours? What communication ‘channels’ do you use?

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