The @16x9fordays ‘project’ has been an eye opener. Over 2400 tagged shots in 6 days says something. Greater than the interest in the aspect ratio itself though, it says that creativity cannot/should not be limiting. In the context of Instagram, Robb Thompson @beardofbeez says it well, in response to my post Love Lost and Found:

“…I’ve been having the same yearning lately. iphone and square format have been wonderful creative limitations that have kept things simple and yet challenging. I have learned so much by working with so little, but now I am finding this little creative container is keeping me from achieving more now that I know it so well. Not that I’m ungrateful mind you, I wouldn’t have this passion for photography if it wasn’t for the last 2 years and 20 thousand iphone photos or so. And above all else the IG community. But idea of iPhone only and the various self inflect rules that ourselves and the IG community like to set for each other are not enough to restrain me anymore. The last few weeks I have broken out the slr, wide angle, long lens and filters. I’m more inspired than ever and I don’t see why there can’t be room in the IG community for it. Just like the 16×9 I think we’re all ready for the next step whatever it may be.”

I still believe that Instagram, in its current form, is best suited for mobile photography. I’m big on mobile photography. However, I’m inspired to broaden my photography horizon. As a former DSLR user, I miss the creative latitude offered by bigger lenses and camera sensors.

I hope we’re all reaching for creative growth. How are you growing creatively?

Update 03.11.2013: There are now over 5100 tagged 16:9 images

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